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Bio Liquors are developed without using any Synthetic Flavours and Colours. The company and its products are approved by TTB, GRAS & Cola, USA. Welcome to the new Era.

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Welcome To Bio Liquors

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Whisky, Rum To Satisfy Different Test Buds

Bio Whisky

Bio Whisky Premium Red is made from Malt Spirit aged for at least three years and enriched with selected grain ENA and 16 natural Aromas.

Bio Rum

This classic blend of cane spirit is infused with 16 Natural Aromas, imparting it a distinctive bold flavor.

Bio Brandy

Bio Brandy Premium Blue‘s formula is derived from three year old Grape Spirit and grain ENA. The Premium blend comprises of sixteen natural aromas.

Bio Vodka

Treat your taste-buds to the alluring flavor of this premium quality vodka with Natural Flavors made from superlative American Grains, six times distilled and Infused with layers of honey and selected natural aromas.

Bio Wine

The classical grape variety Shiraz is grown in the Sahyadri Hills, handpicked at optimum maturity. The oak matured wine develops its distinctive vanilla blends with soft cherries, peppery overtone; complete with rich soft tannin leaves to give a well-rounded finish.

Bio Beer

Bio Beer is pleasant to consume, no bitter after taste. Best hops are selected for best aroma. it has been brewed with the premium quality barley malt, it is meant for the connoisseur, one who truly appreciates quality and understand what it takes to produce a superior-quality beer, Bio Beer has the Unique beer flavour you love. Crafted to perfection.

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